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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lot of stylish blogs

Stylish from the dictionary “impressive: having or showing impressive skill or accomplishment” these describe the person who has honored me with the stylish blogger award. Sukanya Bora her blog is always warn and delightful to read. If have not seen her blog you are missing out on the love and passion of  fine writing.  So treat yourself to a fine stylish blog and visit her blog. She has awarded the honor to Rimly, Sulekha, Kriti, Charlie Nitric, Sweepy Jane, Jim Brandano, Roy Durham, Corinne Rodriquez, Alpana, and Ayon Banerjee.  All are very stylish bloggers.  As you can see I was named to this post of honor and it is to me an honor.  But seven thing about me that is something that is going to take a little work. So here, I well have a go at it.

I like to fish that’s one. I like to mow my lawn, That‘s two.  I have fun writing and playing a word game that’s puns and ploys, this makes three. Well there are four, so you want more. I eat a lizard once and went back for more that’s four. Five just to keep this alive, I live in the bee hive state.  Six well I fix things,  Seven I hope to go to heaven some day.
Well now, that was not bad. 

So who are the next, stylish bloggers the first one that come to mine is DeLinda Geminiigeya and InkaKike their blog this is one blog that give a new meaning to stylish.

Another one that is very stylish is Sonia Rumzi her blog  she has two novels out that are great reads.

Three there is an old geezer friend of Don Smith he will take you on a time journey at

Five we need a sonnet so from the heart of Jenni De La Torre

Six what a fix he plays with sticks Doug Stephens, he is good for a laugh.

Seven I am going back to the first InkaKike and his music a true stylish blog of sight and sound.

I have just been informed that there a young lady who write beautiful poem with  style so she is new to me and I think there is one more award to hand out so take a read a see what you think. she is number seven on the list Nivedhitha Rajavelu her blog

Please give these honorees your support by paying them a visit and leave a comment on their blog. 

Thank you and god bless


Anna said...

Roy, your choices were wonderful! I love your description of each one, lol.
Just needed to that you riding? That is beautiful!

Roy Durham said...

yes along time back maybe thirty years ago

Jessica said...

Congrats! An award well deserved! And I loved all the blogs you passed it on to :)

sulekkha said...

Congratulations Stylish Blogger, you are very Stylish.Loved the blogs you chose too.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Congratulations....u deserve it.

Ravenmyth said...

Congratulations on your Award Roy...well how does it feel to be Stylish...?

You picked great blogs to pass this on too...

Let the fun begin...

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Congrats on the award! It's well deserved. That's one beautiful you're riding! I'm still riding my red roan - she's a great horse.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your well-deserved award. Thank you for enjoying my sonnet enough to give me an award.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy for the honour :-), glad you got it and thank you for passing it on to me!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for winning this well-deserved award, Roy! I'm very honored that you included old Geezer in your fantastic list of those to pass it on. Thank you very, very much!

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