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Monday, July 4, 2011

lot more freedom

this is a follow up on the blog-a-licious tour

Ready, Set, Go ... Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour 4
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our Date - 2 July
Theme - What Does Freedom Mean To You? lot of freedom

One thing that was not wrote or talked about on this tour of freedom is the responsibility that comes with any freedom.  If you claim or use a freedom you need to be responsible. We claim the right or freedom to bear arms. To speak as we will, to believe in god as we will, to go where we will.  Just because I am free to carry a weapon like a fire arm. Does not mean I can go around shooting up the place. The same is true of speech, if we write to causes undo harm to someone we are just as wrong as a person with a gun shooting up a place killing and maiming. We here in the USA celebrate our independents and freedom this day.  We all no matter where we live and what freedoms we have exercise them freely but be responsible.  If we are not responsible then no one has freedoms. Thank you and god bless

If you have not search for freedom, try these for post freedom.
1. Sonia Rumzi -
 god bless


BornStoryteller said...

Use your rights responsibly. Never to hurt another, but to better the community and the world!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother Roy. All we hear is " I have a right (insert your favorite here)!" No one talks about the responsibilities that come along with it. I carry a gun, where I can, but have yet to pull it on anyone or shoot up a movie theater. Same thing with my mouth, it goes everywhere with me, but I do have a tendency to shoot that off more often than not. But there is a price to having that freedom. And I'm not talking about the blood spilled to secure them. But the responsibility we have to use them wisely, not abuse them and to jealously guard them. What is granted us by God, can be too easily taken away by government.

Debra said...

Over here in the 'amen' corner Roy!
I'll say it loud, AMEN!!!

InsideJourneys said...

Very well said, Roy!

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