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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lot of trout rodeo

I guess I am not too old to rodeo. Well maybe so, anyway a trout rodeo is something that I have heard of and maybe you have or not.  Now we were up there on the east side of the skull crack end of the Causey reservoir about sun down. With my bad leg and all, I set up my chair up on the trail above the two foot drop off of the shore. I could have got down by the water but I am getting a little old, and have a little problem getting up and down those places. The trail has a little bit of a slope to it about 20% anyway it’s not flat a level ground.  Brandy my dog and my constant company had to be on a leash do to park rules and her safety. Otherwise she would be after every ground squirrel in the place. So leached and hooked to my chair.

So we are all baited up and case out waiting for the wild times to begin. My four year old granddaughter Shania was picking the wild flowers, that if you want to call weeds flowers, She pick Russian thistle, prim roses, Indian paint brush, and cradle cap. She would pick one and walk in front of me so I would have to raise my pole to let her pass. She was getting a kick out of trying to aggravate grandpa. She would take the blossoms down to her mother who was fishing just below me on the left on the three foot wide beach. Watching her get up and down that two foot drop off was scary fun that was keeping me on the edge of my seat to say the least.  Then Bailey  her 18 month old sister was not going to be out done by big sister one bit no sir. She started in picking the flowers and following in her sister footsteps.  Now for this old grandpa the nerve racking wait for one of them to fall head over the tea kettle into the back of their mother or worse into the lake held my attention.

The two girls were down on the beach with their mom seeking admiration for the flowers. And Shania got stuck by the thorn on the Russian thistle. She went onto a titrate “That’s a bad flower bad bad flower I am not going to pick any more, you are a bad flower.” Bailey had to mimic Shania and this old man laugh so hard the tears were rolling. The girls started back up the bank, bailey having a time climb back slipped and fell  and Shania help her back up and bailey went crying over to her dad.

Well about this time thing clam down and I started to focus on my fishing. Then here come Shania back threw to get to her other sister who was fishing to my right, I guess she open the gate. I had a strike and set the hook and yelled I got one, about that time my chair slip it footing that scared brandy and set her running for the hills whit my chair in tow. And I went down rolling pole in hand headed for the drink and Brooke my daughter-in-law setting between me and the water. Somehow I managed to stop and get back to my chair and started to get untangle from the fishing line that somehow got tangle around my foot. Don’t ask me how. Settle down and I figured I had better check my bait. I started to reel in when I found I still had the fish on the line. Well I guess I am still not too old to rodeo.

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Debbie said...

Roy, sounds like you had some fun with add entertainment you being part of the show, glad you weren't hurt in your tumble. Amazing isn't it, how even when we think our bones just aren't gonna work like they used too, they turn around and show us who's boss.

After all that you still had the fish!! Love the photo Roy, you look completely at home there fishing...

Thanks for sharing

Bec Owen said...

What a wonderful story, Roy! I almost felt like I was there with you all, on the edge of the lake. Children have a natural way of making life so much more fun and interesting! And after it all, the fish was still there! Love it!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

what fun Roy,your grandchildren sound wonderful..

JIM said...

Every rodeo has the clowns lol Sounds like you really had a wonderful time and helped make some great memories for your family!!!

Finding One's Way said...


Sounds like a blast : )



Anonymous said...

There's that fish! Congrats, Roy!!

Jan said...

Oh those Ggrandkids, theycan make anything fun. I think is great you were worried about them falling all day then you did. Funny stuff,And you caught the fish. great post.

Anna L. Walls said...

Hahaha - I can just see the little girl scolding that flower. So cute. Sounds like you had more fun watching the girls than fishing - almost. haha

SJ said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day, so much going on. 'Bad Flower" I can see it now, I remember Samuel saying the same thing when he walked into the kitchen table 'bad table' LOL.

I do hope you didn't bruise or hurt yourself, although I can't talk as I'm currently with my ankle up. Great post and great adventures, look forward to the next ones.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Hilarious Roy!!! Well, at least in the end you had the fish!

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