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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lot of Saturdays

Aw Saturday
No, work just play
Aw, this is the day

If I May
No, that is too soon
But if it was June
I might whether a tune
Maybe July

I might like to try

A place to lie
In the shade
A pole at command
Between my toes it does stand
My bare feet on the cool sand
On the fly
A fish to try
Or maybe fry
A big one I mean

The fish did fillet

My toes I must say
Those eyes rasp between
My toes so mean
He got clean away
Oh great day
This Saturday
of July

Good by



sulekkha said...

Lol, loved it Roy. Like the animated Fishy :)

Royal Nirupam said...

Invite you to our angling points,but not in July,better late September.

EstherBelle said...

You made me smile, and that was a welcome gift today!

Kriti said...

: ) what a Saturday Roy... fishy indeed ... Very cute animation too

Debra said...

Roy, you are one imaginitive guy! Love your creative spirit... read your story on SJ blog but can't comment on her site, so I'll do it here. Look forward to hearing more from the she-wolf.

Debbie said...

hehe cute poem roy enjoyed it !!



Rimly said...

Loved it Roy. So unique!

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